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Magatte Wade

I am a Cheetah Entrepreneur who believes the Free Markets and economic freedom is the pathway for Africa to leapfrog ahead, with Africans taking the uncontested leading role in the co-creation of 21st century prosperity for all, innovation, culture and technology. 

My ideas are grounded in reality and my lived experience. The topic areas I am passionate speaking about are the role of free markets in overcoming poverty and the role of enterprise to tackle social issues and entrepreneurial Education.

Magatte Wade Ted Talk
Why it's too hard to start a business in Africa -- and how to change it
Many African countries are poor for a simple reason, says entrepreneur Magatte Wade: governments have created far too many obstacles to starting and running a business. In this passionate talk, Wade breaks down the challenges of doing business on the continent and offers some solutions of her own -- while calling on leaders to do their part, too.
Magatte Wade Made in Mekhe
Made in Mékhé
Growing up, Magatte Wade saw the extreme differences in wealth between Africa and Europe. This disparity sparked a question... Why are some countries rich, and others poor? As she discovered the answer, Magatte was inspired to become an entrepreneur and bring business and investment back to her home.
Magatte Wade Ted Talk
How to Use Conscious Capitalism to Fight for a Cause
Building a brand that promotes positivity and creates meaningful change can be just what is needed to stand out in today’s crowded marketplace. Skin is Skin is a perfect example. Before starting the company, Magatte Wade saw an opportunity for entrepreneurship to influence culture. So she set out to determine how to build a brand with a purpose.
Cure Poverty
Magatte Wade Entrepreneurs Can Cure Poverty
Entrepreneurs Can Cure Poverty
Those poor Africans. Why haven’t they developed like Asia? It must be the colonial exploitation. Maybe it’s the tribal culture. Maybe they need more foreign aid. Maybe-- Just stop right there says Magatte Wade, Senegalese entrepreneur who has built two companies in the U.S. What Africa needs is for African leaders and laws to get out of the way.
Magatte Wade Ted Talk
Full Frame: African influence with Magatte Wade
"By building consumer brands that have embedded in them the very best of my culture, that would take care of my culture disappearing. And as companies like that thrive, I'm also able to build to create jobs back home. And as companies like that thrive, you become a role model and others emulate you and believe that compounding effect." - Magatte Wade

Magatte Wade is a serial entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, and visionary business leader with a passion for creating positive change in Africa. She is the founder and CEO of, “the lip balm with a mission,” and is dedicated to reducing racial discrimination while creating jobs and prosperity in her home country of Senegal.

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